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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why Do I have a lot of days of stuff to do?

The title comes from my little girl, Emma, who is three. She said "Why Do I have a lot of days of stuff to do?" and it seemed like an appropriate title!

This week has been BUSY! Monday was Nathan's dentist appointment as I wrote about in a previous blog. Tuesday I had my first doctor's appointment which was mostly to take a history and sign paperwork and get my lab slip to get my blood work done. I have to get an early glucose test with that horrible orange drink all because Nathan was such a huge baby when he was born! I have no history of gestational diabetis but they always test me twice after Nathan!

Wednesday I went to a play date at Naomi's house and Ashley came with her three boys. That was a lot of fun and I enjoyed time to talk with the girls.

Today Nathan was taken my some family friends to his social group! The Mawhinny's got up early and showed up at our house before eight to transfer Nathan's car seat and get him settled. They then took him all the way out to Norristown and brought him all the way back...and donuts too! This was so Chris and I could attend a meeting at the school.

Once they get MORE paperwork from us (do you have any idea how many trees must have been killed by now with all the paperwork we have done and or recieved??)...anyways...more paperwork and then the school psychologist will do her own re-evaluation of Nathan and make her own determination. They seemed to be pretty set on him starting Kindergarten but when Chris and I looked through the pamphlets Nathan is already knows all the things it states he will know at the END of his kindergarten year! We really want him to start first grade but I believe we will have to fight for that to happen! They pretty much said it was up to the school board and what they thought.

Tomorrow, Friday, Nathan goes to Theraplay for his first Physical Therapy session. It will be an hour long. I have no idea what Emma and I will do. I wonder what other moms do with their other kids during their appointments? I mean an hour isn't really enough time for us to go the time I get Emma in and out of her car seat and drive somewhere we will have to be back to pick him up! I am thinking a backpack of books I can read with her!

Tuesday Nathan starts Occupational Therapy and the best part is it will be HERE in the home!! Yay!

As far as homeschooling: if I am honest we have not done a thing since Christmas break! First of all we had most of my family here so when they left I had a lot of cleaning to do. Second of all we have had no end of appointments and things to do and haven't been home that much. And third I have the whole pregnant exhaustion thing going on!

Which reminds me: the nurse gave me quite a look when I mentioned I had a hernia repair in Feb. of 08 just above my belly button that still bothers me. When they talked about doing he hernia repair surgery they asked then if we were planning on more kids. I said I don't know because Emma was only like 6 months old! They said they might need to do extra monitoring to make sure the pain is from my hernia and not the comforting she is already assigning me vast amounts of pain as I get bigger and bigger! Yikes!!

So that is life! Interesting as always. My house will pass for passable clean but don't look too close...or in the closets...seriously been too busy and away from home too much and too tired to clean like I should!

My thoughts seem random...I'm not surprised...I have put both the honey and the salt in the refrigerator with my crazy pregnant brain....

"Nobel prize-calibre geniuses often have certain core autistic features at their heart" - Allan Snyder, director of Sydney University's Centre for the Mind.

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