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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Occupational Therapy

So today was Nathan's first time having OT. (Occupational Therapy) Her name is Americ and she is really nice. Nathan nearly talked her to death. After about five minutes she looked at me and said, "You must be exhausted by the end of a day!" I told her he would talk endlessly if she let him and not to feel bad if she had to interrupt him or tell him to stop talking for a little while!

The first thing she did was work on coloring. She made him hold a crayon sideways and color a blue paper with a white crown from top to bottom. He struggled with it and wanted to stop but she kept him going. Next they worked on cutting out a hat, carrot, and smiley face for their snowman. He had a hard time cutting as usual but she showed him how to do it. It was a struggle and he gets agitated when he can't do something as well as he wants. He was mad when he cut the smile face out too small.

Next she did a game with him that he had to grasp some small moving worms. He did pretty good with that.

Next she had him work on lacing some animals with a shoe lace. He didn't like that too much. She was good with him and despite the fact he wanted to give up and complained constantly she kept him going. She believes because he is so smart that he knows what he can and can't do and so he wants to avoid the hard things.

This is going to be important skills for him to master if we want to send him to school. She said he definitely had problems with his fine motor skills and she seems very confidant that she can help him improve. Honestly I hope he can learn to do button and use scissors before he starts school!!

So it was a good day. Now we are waiting for this big snow storm. Chris is gone so I will be in charge of shoveling or snow blowing us out!

Nathan has been very excited about the baby lately. I gave him a magazine that shows what the baby looks like each month so each morning he ask me what month I am in. When I told him three months this morning he was so excited and flipped to see the 3 month picture.

I am grateful we are getting this help now before he starts school and before the baby comes! I think it will really help him out!

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