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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poem: Through the Valley

I am not that good at poems so if you are one of those who knows all about timing and correct poem writing and can't enjoy a novice poem...umm don't read this! I write poems on occasion because they come to me...I am much better at stories but can be a good way to express my thoughts even if the delivery is faulty at best...

Through the Valley

Through this valley of grief and woe
I walk on slowly as I go.
My grief is bare and open
My heart is altogether broken.

One step forward in the valley
Not one friend around me rallies.
At the moment I begin to fall
In steps the Master, the Lord of all.

With hands gentle and secure
He bears the load I can’t endure.
With strength I do not possess
He picks me up and bids me rest.

With the Savior I trudge forward,
It’s the mountain I move toward.
Because after every valley I know
We rise higher after we fall low.

The way is hard and full of fear
But my Savior is ever near.
Together we go hand in hand
So on the mountain I might stand.

And if I am weak and want to stop;
He’ll carry me right to the top.
Sometimes we must be brought so low
And through the valley we must go.

These trials must often be endured
So to His side we’ll stay secured.
The anchor is tested in this way.
What are you anchored to today?

When storms do come to our lives
Along with sorrow, grief, and strife;
And threaten to cause us to dismay
It’s then we learn along the way;

That God is faithful in our sorrow too
And He’ll be there to carry you through.
Through the valleys and through the storms,
In His arms we are secure and warm.

Though for a time we are brought low,
Remember it’s only so we might know;
That He brings us low in rags attired
Because it’s through the valley that we rise higher.


May 12, 2009

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