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Monday, January 3, 2011


The word dentist is not a welcome word around Nathan. He had an appointment at three today. With Nathan-prepping is the key! You have to tell him what is going to happen and when and how and that usually works out pretty well. Today I said nothing because I knew his anxiety would hit the roof.

2:15 I had to tell him so I could brush his teeth and get him ready to leave. It was a struggle to get him out the door and into the van and he complained the whole way there and kept saying he wasn't going.

I got him in, he was going to cry until he saw the playroom. He was distracted. All was well. Until they called his name. He started to whimper until the nurse told him he needed to go and pick a prize. (have I mentioned I love this dentist office?)

He sat in the seat and they nicely dimmed the lights. A cartoon was playing so he was happy but the intercom seemed to freak him out. He thought they were "coming for him." ha ha

The nurse was great and explained everything she was going to do. He did o.k. but he did NOT like the sucker thing, he did not like the air blower, and he certainly did not like the water sprayer above all. He cried and whimpered a little while they scraped his teeth.

The doctor wanted to do x-rays and I said, "You can try." Nathan has an insane gag reflex and the films they put in his mouth make him gag and choke him. They took him to the back and a good ten minutes later they returned. They were able to do front x-rays but said they would wait to do back x-rays until he was a little more ready....did I mention my love for this dentist office?

All in all he did pretty good but he felt it was a stressful and a "hard day." Tonight Nana came over and tried to play Candy Land but that was a tearful experience.

So, if you have a kid with autism or Aspergers or any kid for that matter who struggles with the dentist my key piece of advice is: find a good dentist! I could travel 5 min and get to a dentist but instead I drive half an hour to go to this one because they are just that awesome!

I would say Nathan did better than I thought. He was worn out and will sleep well. Sometimes I wonder if Nathan realizes how much his Aspergers interferes with him having fun or if he is oblivious. He does smile and he does have fun but on day like today when it is a total stress fest for him I wonder if the stress will eventually take a toll on him. I mean isn't stress something for adults? Not five year olds! Oh well!

On with our adventure!

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