"I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord, "plans to give you a hope and a future."

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Through the Ages

O Lord, how magnificent is Your name,
To the ends of the earth I will proclaim!
God who provided for Adam and Eve,
Even after they hid and tried to deceive,
The God of fire and of might,
Who taught the Israelites to fight.
God who endures until the end,
When Nehemiah built the wall again.
God of Esther who had to choose
To risk her life to save the Jews.
You’re the God of David in the Psalms,
Who heals the soul with soothing balms.
God of wrath and a Redeemer to come,
In Isaiah who is Amoz’s son.
The God, the Potter who molds the clay,
This was what Jeremiah had to say.
God of Daniel who had absolute convictions,
The Lord would never give up or forget him.
The God who showed Malachi a coming day
And the love of Jehovah coming his way.
A God who sent His Son as foretold,
In Matthew, Luke, and in John it’s told.
God shares the gospel with a man named Paul,
Who used to go by the name of Saul.
God who shows the Corinthians how to adore,
And how to worship forever more.
The God who says salvation is once for all,
As Galatians learn the difference of grace and law.
God who showed the Ephesians how to walk,
So it was more than just a haughty talk.
A God who gives us hope for a better end,
He’s coming again, says Paul in the Thessalonians.
A God who frees the souls of slaves,
When in Philemon Onesimus is told to behave.
God in Hebrews who shows a new and better way,
“The Lord is my helper,” we may boldly say.
God of James the just who is mentioned by Paul,
Tells us to have faith that is seen by all.
Through Peter and John and even Jude,
We have a God who is just and true.
He’s the God of Revelations who will come again,
Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end.
O Lord God, how magnificent is Your name,
To the ends of the earth I will proclaim!
From the beginning of time and to the end,
Always the Faithful and Loving True Friend

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