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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nathan's 504 for the coming year

I am finally getting around to updating about Nathan's 504.  It actually means a lot that a few people have asked me to update and let them know how things went.  Thanks to all who prayed!

First we got a great report from Nathan's Physical Therapist.  She said Nathan went through a slump where he refused to do anything, said he couldn't do it, it was too hard, and would just give up.  This must have been when we got the report that was less than stellar and I found to be very discouraging.  Let me also make it clear that I have no desire for my son to become some super star athlete and that we are beyond grateful for what he can do.  We look at him receiving PT (physical therapy) as a way to help better him in a few areas that are lacking. So please don't ever think we are complaining.  We are glad Nathan can walk and run!  Anything after that is icing on the cake.

Anyways, his therapist said she was considering contacting me and telling me Nathan wasn't cooperating and she wasn't sure what to do.  That he had given up but then something changed.  She said Nathan began to doing what he was supposed to do and even trying hard to do it for longer than his goal time!  His last report was glowing!  He has met many of his goals. 

In the coming school year he still qualifies for PT.  They will work on environmental awareness: not tripping over objects, paying attention to his surroundings, and things such as that.  They will work on him catching a ball.  Nathan rarely can catch a ball that is thrown to him.  They will work on his kicking a ball that has been rolled to him.  He can't kick it if it's rolling.  His timing is too off.  These may seem like minor goals but the real point of these goals is a focus on Nathan's motor skills which are lacking. 

Nathan will meet the with school Psychologist once every 6 days.  They will focus less on not interrupting and taking control of the class and more on the aspects of friendships and what being a  friend means. 

They are also considering the use of noise canceling headphones during loud times at school.  Nathan has been very stressed this year when there have been assemblies, loud  lunches, and too much noise in his classroom.  Strict guidelines will be put in place for use of the headphone due to Nathan's obsessive personality. 

So that's about it for his 504.  We have more paperwork, more things to sign, and we are grateful for all of it!

Emma did very well for her kindergarten year.  She was sad to leave her teacher and friends but happy about the summer. She has learned to read a little and do some math.

Katelyn has hit the terrible 2's even though she's only 16 months old.  She goes from happy to crying in 2 seconds flat!  The words "no" really makes her angry! 

This week at church we are doing a VBS.  The first day was yesterday and we had a great turn out.  Nathan has made friends with a boy from his school and it's nice to hear the two of them chatting away to each other. 
Some of the neighborhood boys have "disappeared" and don't come around anymore.  It's difficult for Nathan to keep the friends he makes. 

Chris and I notice more things are definitely to do with Nathan's Asperger's and his way of thinking than just typical 7 yr old boy thinking.  I won't go into details but Nathan pitched an absolute fit the other day because the kids weren't playing the way he wanted them to play.  He wanted them to stop their game and play his game and when they said no he lost it.  It's time like these I wish there was more understanding because Chris and I both tried to reason with him and make him understand but he would not and could it.  It's during times like these his Asperger's is more apparent.  It's just a funny way of thinking he has. 

Chris said he recently heard  someone say that kids with Autism and Aspergers are just disobedient kids needing discipline.  We couldn't disagree more.  We know when Nathan is just being a naughty seven year old and needs to be disciplined and believe me he gets put in the corner and has things taken away.  We never let him use his Aspergers as an excuse to be bad.  But we also know when he is reacting as a child with Aspergers to something.  When a tantrum is "not normal" but we also don't let him get too rude or wild.  There is a limit.  If he needs to go to his room and shout and scream because he's angry or upset or something didn't go the way he pre-planned then he is allowed but only before for so long.  After a while we make sure he  knows enough is enough.

We are human.  We get frustrated.  We get perplexed.
 And above all
We are

So here comes summer.  Here comes fun.  Here comes pool days, lazy days, beach, zoo, and friends.  And for us here comes drama, tears, and misunderstandings and trying to get Nathan to make and keep friends and not chase them away.  And lot so  pre-planning and notification about what we will do in a day to keep his stress level down.
We pray for wisdom in parenting all our children.  We are grateful for each of them.  Nathan and Emma have both now asked the Lord Jesus into their hearts. We pray now it was true and we will see the "fruit" or proof of that in their lives.
I am amazed I wrote all this in one sitting but Katelyn's telling me enough is enough and I think she's right!  :)