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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Nathan had physical therapy today and a new therapist was working with him.  At the end of his session he was tired and angry.  He usually is.  But his therapist asked me if anyone had ever told us Nathan needed orthotics in his shoes due to his arch collapsing and throwing him off balance.


Yes, we were told this already but due to certain circumstances we never followed through.

Long story short:  Tomorrow night Chris and I have to take Nathan to Trappe again and have him fitted for orthotics and HOPEFULLY our insurance will pay for these. 

After his fitting we have to get a script from his doctor and after that we have to see if insurance will pay for these.  Not sure how long this process will take but I am sure it will take some time!

Nathan worked so hard at therapy and was so worn out I got him a Philly pretzel on the way home.  He loves those. 

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