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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Time for an update!

As you know Nathan had gone to Creative Services for an eval and today I finally got a call back!

Unfortunately she did not have his papers in front of her and still could not tell me what the psychiatrist said! Grr.  But she said there was a definite diagnosis but she couldn't remember what is was! Go figure.

Anyways, Tuesday, a woman named Nikki will come to the house, (yay for not using gas to go somewhere!) and talk to me and go over the eval and gather information.  Next she was observe Nathan at home and at school and gather data.  After that she can tell us what services he would need. 

Please also remember to hold up in prayer those who really need it right now!  Terri Blount, mother to ten, battling cancer.  Trey Love, who is so sick from his chemo.  He has been throwing up and his parents have had to re-insert his tube down his poor little throat.  Ning Tan, who has made some progress.  And so many others! 

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