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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good News

Miss Nikki, who is doing Nathan's FBA, came out this Tuesday to talk with me and observe Nathan playing with the neighbor.

Last week she had observed him at his social group.  Nikki said Nathan and another boy named Alex have developed quite the friendship.  I knew this.  She also said Nathan would incessantly  talk even when he was not supposed to.  She also observed him rubbing Alex's head and when I asked if Alex cared she said, "No.  Alex seemed to like it."  Ha ha

Nathan is desperate to have a play date with Alex so I gave his mom my e-mail today. 

Nikki also said Nathan shouted and overacted several times during class. 

So Nikki said after observing Nathan at home, in his class, and at home some more she is going to recommend him for wrap around services.  THIS IS A GOOD THING!  He will be recommended for a BS and a TSS.  A BS is a Behavioral Specialist who will outline a plan and work with us here in the home.  A TSS is a Therapeutic Staff Support.  This person will go to school with Nathan for a few hours a day during the week.  This is the BEST part! 

The TSS will be at school to step in if Nathan gets upset or overreacts and will immediately work on teaching a coping skill.  They can help in a playground or lunch scenario; places where the noise and crowds could very possibly overwhelm Nathan.

The next step is seeing a psychologist, AGAIN, to get the approval of the services recommended by Nikki.  Nikki will be with me when we see the psychologist and be able to give her input.

We thank the Lord as He opens these doors so easily for us.  We have not had any problems with getting what Nathan needs.  While other families are struggling to get services we have had every door open wide for us and we see the Lord's hand in this. 

We do ask for prayer as we consider moving Nathan to a Tuesday social group.  His friend Alex is going to the Tuesday group and Nathan would like to stay with Alex.  But this means leaving his other friends. 

We have one week to decide. 

And please continue to pray for our dear friends, the Blounts.    I am inserting a link.

Also please pray for Trey Love.


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