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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's Happening

Yesterday Nana and I took the kid's to Valley Forge for Washington's Birthday Celebration.  Nathan and Emma both had a nice time.  Nathan was sure to point out that it was NOT Washington's birthday and that Washington's birthday was today, the 22nd.  Below is a picture of Nathan and Emma with Mr. and Mrs. Washington. 

Today Nathan had his PT eval at the school.  I am the worst with directions.  I was told to go to the Annex and given an address so I was looking for a gym or something.  Only to find out that crazy me was standing right in front of the building I was supposed to go into for his testing! 

The Physical Therapist said Nathan did pretty good but he struggles with his balance when he is standing still.  He also struggles with anything ball related.  He struggles to throw a ball, catch a ball, and to kick a ball.  Poor guy.  She also said Nathan takes things too literal.  If you tell him to take a step and then throw the ball he will do it in two parts.  He will take a step.  Pause.  Then he will throw the ball, despite being told and shown to do it in one smooth motion. 

We went to Giant after that and the kids were tired and cranky.  I appeased them with Lunchables while I shopped. 

It's been over one month now since we lost the baby.  Time seems to be creeping by.  I struggled so long to sleep and now for the past few days I have been sleeping but when I sleep I have nightmares.  I dream about Nathan and Emma being taken away and I can't get them back.  It's always suddenly, like someone snatching them.  Last night I dreamed I was having an ultrasound and I saw a baby moving and kicking and opening and closing their mouth.  Then the person doing the ultrasound turned to me and said, "It doesn't look good.  The baby has serious problems."

So if you think about it....pray for me!  Every time I think I am ok something new seems to crop up.  I think it takes time for your body, your brain, and your heart to heal. 

Tomorrow is a free day. No appointments!  Yes!  Thursday, I will have to drag myself out of early to pick up several ladies and go to the Northridge Ladies meeting. 

I haven't been in a while because Nathan usually has school so it will be nice to go this time.  (They are having a planning day or something at the school)

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  1. Still praying for your healing and your comfort. Love you, sister!