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Monday, February 7, 2011

Testing again!

Nathan has to go to the public school tomorrow to be re-tested by the school's psychologist.  I am sure he will enjoy it because he loves to talk with adults and be asked intelligence questions.  I don't like the fact that I am not going in with him but I guess I have to deal with it. 

I was also on the phone today with Mindy from the school.  She is the school Occupational Therapist.  She wants to observe Nathan at school and then re-test him here at home.  The Physical Therapist from the school also called and will be re-testing!! Crazy!

My life is full of appointments!

I am grateful that Nathan is getting the help he needs now.  He is making improvements with his social group and even in his PT and OT he has improved....I think he might even be able to cut with scissors now and chop off his fingers in the process!!  :o)

Tonight our good friends the Millers brought us a yummy dinner.  I still have this cold I am contending with so it was wonderful to not have to cook. 

The librarians really love Nathan and I miss not being able to take him to story time all the time.  In the opinion of his PT he should be going to SuperStars every Monday because it will help him physically but he loves story time on Mondays so I think it is best to mix it up!

Every day has it's own set of challenges.  I miss being pregnant.  I miss the fact that I was supposed to be sporting a little baby bump by now.  Some days I feel so down and sad and other days like today I feel pretty good.  I know I will see our baby again but I miss my little one in the meantime and I think it's o.k.! 

That's it for now!

Emma told me "Mom, you're the bestest!"  She is so sweet!

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