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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coming Up

Tomorrow Nathan has his social group and he won't know it but a phycologist from the school is going to be observing him tomorrow.  He has to be reassessed by someone from the school before he can start Kindergarten.  I mentioned again about him possibly attending 1st grade classes for reading and such but I can sense the hesitancy in her voice.  We will see!

Friday he has Theraplay which he is NOT looking forward to.  He doesn't like going because it's "hard."  Poor guy. 

Tuesday the same phycologist from the school will be re-evaluating him but this time I won't be sitting with Nathan.  Not sure how I feel about that. 

Nathan's new obsessions are Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King.  He has also started to make noises while eating....over and over and over...ugh.  We are in the midst of teaching him to use words instead of shrieking..about everything!  The other day at a play date a boy stepped on his foot but instead of moving his foot or telling the boy that he was stepping on his foot he stood there and shrieked.  Typical for him. 

Emma needs her time in the spotlight too right?  She had her hair done while my mom was here.  She loves getting her hair washed and done and asked to go back to do it again.  She is definitely a princess.  Chris asked her tonight if she knew about Rosa Parks and Emma smiled and said, "Yes, Nathan told me."  HA HA! I am sure he did.

And me?  I am feeling so much better physically.  I have more energy now and today I cleared out the kid's room.  3 bags of trash and 2 bags for donations.  BIG BAGS!  Crazy.  Tonight I am pretty worn out.  Someone is bringing us dinner tomorrow which is great.  I miss my parents and the kids do too.  I am so grateful for them flying up here the day after we heard.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since we found out our baby was gone.  It will be my first time going back to Nathan's social group where two weeks ago I tearfully pulled him out to rush to the doctors.  Nathan keeps writing "No Magic U" on his calendar.  I asked him what it meant and he said it's "because you don't have the baby in your belly anymore."  It doesn't seem to make much sense but I guess in some way it is his way of dealing with it.

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