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Monday, November 30, 2009

Oddities in My Life

For some reason I started thinking about my childhood and growing up and I realized I have done some things or liked some things that those who know me now might find odd or out of character for me. But all in all I believe our parents, surroundings, AND our experiences shape us to be who we are. Still, I think most people who know me or see me in my day to day life wouldn't believe me if I told them some of the things I used to do or used to like. I am not sure how people perceive me because I find myself to be adaptable.

If I am around serious people who like nothing more than fine dining and lots of silverware and fancy tablecloths then I can do that. I can dress up, make something fancy to eat, and decorate my table and talk of the "finer" things of life.

But I can also break out of that and have fun. Burgers and fries and a vinyl tablecloth and lots of good laughs; adaptable to people and surroundings. Though I might seem shy at first I actually love to laugh and have fun and joke around. Believe or not the comment I got most often growing up was, "You should become a comedian." I also got a lot of surprised looks as people got to know me better because they said I was nothing like the person they first met. But for me it takes me time to open up and get to know people but once your my friend I am fiercely loyal.

Anyways, back to things people might not know about me. ;o)

In high school I was a huge fan of wrestling. And yes, I know, it's fake. I watched wrestling when it was the WWF and not the WWE as they were forced to change their name to. Apparently the World Wildlife Foundation laid claims they had WWF first. Anyways, my favorites were Big Show, the Rock, and Chris Jericho. I know the Rock doesn;t wrestle anymore but I have no clue about the rest seeing as how I have not watched wrestling in years. As a matter of fact I used to have a GIANT poster of the Rock in my room and also a Rock t-shirt which I loved. I was annoyed that I didn't get RAW. I was one of about 10-12 writers for a wrestling site and at the time Chris Jericho wasn't so popular and I wrote an article about him that drew more negative and positive comments than most of the other writings at the time. I could not stand Vince McMan(sp?) I used to practically jump off my bed when he came on. Now, I couldn't tell you who is still wrestling or who is good or bad or anything of the sort. I stopped watching when I married Chris at 19.

I was a junior varsity cheerleader in 8th grade and a Varsity in 11th grade. I was the base and I loved it all. I was not a ditzy girl though. Not even close. I just liked being with my friends and hanging out with the basketball players. In 8th grade our coach came up with a really awesome formation and it was so hard to do and I was at the center it was so heavy and we practiced and practiced and the 1st game we did this formation at the coach from the other cheerleading team pranced over and told us it was an illegal move and we had to stop immediately. That stunk.

I played softball. I was put on third base because none of the other girls could make the throw from third base to first base. I was better at catching and throwing than batting. I seemed to hit a lot of fly balls and the other team would often catch them.

I used to Rollerblade all the time until I pretty much wore my Rollerblade right out. They started causing blisters on my feet but I didn't care and would Rollerblade anyways. I loved biking and running and anything active. I took my dog, Charlie, to the park and I brought him a Tupperware of water and a bottle of water for myself and we would walk and walk.

I got a lot of detentions and had to write a lot of "lines." I could not stand my Bible teacher in 8th grade for a lot of reasons. He seemed weird and shallow and he didn't wear deodorant and I didn't agree with a lot of what he said. Therefore it seems, he didn't like me either and I felt like he tormented me whenever he got the chance. A friend of mine was feeling sick in his class and he refused to let her go to the bathroom. Of course I opened my big mouth in her defense and he made me stand at the front of the classroom by his desk. I was mortified to be forced to stand up there right up to the point of when my friend threw up all over his classroom. I went to her and let loose on him and told him how cruel he was amongst other things. Ended in a detention for me.

I was water girl in 10th grade, I think it was, for the boys basketball team. I liked on of the boys on the team so this was perfect. I got to ride on the bus with the boys team to all the games and I would fill their water bottles and make sure they took a drink when they came in off the court. I got to sit on the bench with them so I could do this. Loved it. I spent some of the bus rides having conversations about the Bible with the coach. His believes on certain issues differed from my own so we had some interesting conversations.

The first piano teacher my parents hired "fired" me. I came home crying. My parents talked to her and apparently I drove her nuts because I wouldn't sit still on the bench. They found another teacher who said, "Let her wiggle." She was awesome and one time when I wanted to quit because it was getting hard she convinced me not to give up. To this day I still wiggle and move when I play piano. I can't help it. ;o)

Something else funny: when I was kid and saw the movie Rocky for the first time I thought I should become a boxer. I love a movie where someone has to push themselves to the limit. I don't know why. I just do. Maybe that's why I enjoy running because it is all about pushing past that point in your head where all you can think is, "I can't run another step." Then you do. And you keep going and the feeling is awesome! I miss running. Sigh.

Anyways, I have babbled on enough. I was just thinking of these memories and now that I have this blog I guess I can write whatever I want. See the thing about writing is I have never done it for other people. I do for me. I like to write whether one person is reading it or 100 people are reading it. I just enjoy it.

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