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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book 4

I am really excited because not only have I finished book four, in my four book series, but this seems to be one of my "better books."

Normally I find it somewhat tedious to edit my own books but this time I am actually enjoying it! I know how my story goes and yet as I am re-reading my story I find myself engaged by it and wanting to just read more.

To develop my writing style I try to read when I am not writing. My favorite author as of now is Karen Kingsbury. She is an amazing writer, one of those "I can't put this book down!" type of writers.

With reading comes knowledge of different ways to express an emotion or an action of even different styles of writing.

I feel like I am still searching for my niche'. As of late I have enjoyed writing Christian Romance Fiction, with a little action thrown in. I have written more action based novels, a mystery one, and even a Science Fiction one.

I have plans to start working on a new book once I finish editing this one. I am torn though. I have a good idea of a western novel. It's not my particular style to write western novels but I might give it a try. Usually a chapter into writing a new story I know whether or not I want to keep writing it or go a different route.

Where do my ideas come from? Life. Life is all about ups and down and heartaches and joys and test of faith and strength.

I try in all my books to do two things, which I find to be important.
Number One: Include the gospel message whether incorporated into my story line or else with verses at the end of my book.
Number two: glorify God and in turn uplift other believers and maybe even help them be renewed in both their faith and walk with God.

Because life is not a fairy tale. It's not always easy. It's just plain hard sometimes. I try to write as true to real life as I can. That means that some books have love at first sight and other do not. The good guy does not always win in the end and sometimes he does. That's real. At least to me.

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