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Monday, November 23, 2009

Fire and Ice

Found this old poem I wrote a long time ago back in 2002 for a writing contest. We had to use the words fire and ice in a short poem. I got a lot of good compliments on this poem and I saved them. Interesting to go back and look at some of my older stuff.

I did a lot of contest for this writing site and I was so sad when they shut it down. It was fun to go there and enter the contests and get a lot of creative critique from other writers and judges. We all had a "signature" and a quote that we used to sign with. I left mine at the bottom I used to use.

Fire and Ice

Like eloquent dancers the drops gently glide,
The ice is melting in a slow, steady tide.
In a colorful hot blue and orange parade,
The fire breaths what plants have made.

New frost sleeps quietly on the ground,
The earth is quite frozen all around.
Then from the sky streaks a light display,
The sun's fiery heat will warm the cold day.

Yet very soon the cold will have passed,
This deep, cold frost will not last.
The sun will break its icy chain
And come to heat us once again.

Rebekah Grace Price
"This suspense is terrible. I hope it will last."
Oscar Wilde
January 2002

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