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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No Time

I wrote this poem back in 2004 and I really forgot about it. But I re-read it this afternoon and I loved it! ha ha. Needs a little tweaking maybe in the timing but the overall message is clear. I do hope btw to post some NEWER things on here and not stuff I wrote a long time ago but I need to find the time first.

Maybe after Thanksgiving I can put up some new stuff.

No Time

I hurry to be about my day,
No time to read, no time to pray.
I need to dress, I need to eat;
No time for fellowship so sweet.
Off to work! I’m running late!
No time on Thee to meditate.
I need my rest, I need my sleep;
No time to devote myself to His keep.
Is it so easy to forget Thee, Lord?
Always no time can I afford?
Is it not You who has made time?
“Your life is like a vapor,” You chime.
“It is I who clothes the lilies of the field.”
Yet my heart to You, will I not yield?
Grant me Lord that I may see
That it’s You whose given time to me.
Day by day I must turn to You,
Leaning and relying on the One who’s True.
Thank you Lord, for another day
When I can read and even pray.
Help me continue to look to You
So my heart, You may renew.
I hurry to go about my day;
But first I’ll read and yes, I’ll pray.
I need to dress, I need to eat,
But first I need fellowship so sweet.
I’m off to work, I’m not so late,
My heart He’s begun to saturate.
My day must first begin with You,
The One’s who’s loved me through and through.

Rebekah Tidball
September 19, 2004

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