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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trying New Things

 After having a lot of knee pain I ended up going to the doctor to see what was going on. I have had an x-ray and now an MRI.   My orthopedic said that my cartilage is breaking down in both of my knees. Even though only one of my knees , my right one, is bothering me.

 The MRI showed that I had some fluid on my knee and some inflamation. The doctor wants to give me a shot this coming Monday.   I am not looking forward to that.

 I have been told I have to stop running and stop doing squats.   Also they want me on Naproxen and glucosamine/chondroitin.  I do not like taking Naproxen as I do not like taking medicine in general.  But I am taking it temporarily to try it out. But so far it does not seem to be making that much of a difference.

 I miss running.

 I have bought myself some rollerblades and I have been biking more and doing different things at the gym. I have been focusing more on weight training and less on cardio. I am now 1 pound less than my goal weight.

 But I still miss running.

 When one of my favorite running songs comes on the tempraion is there just to get on the treadmill and run anyways. But my knee pain is definitely stopping me from doing that.  My knee often hurts just walking or even doing the elliptical anymore.

 But I still miss running!

 There is nothing like running and nothing gives you the same feeling. Pushing past your limits, going faster,  and beating your last time.   I had gotten where I was able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes or less.   Every time I wanted to quit and give up I would do something strange. I would actually go faster.   Every time my head said I wanted to stop I would make the treadmill go faster or if I was outside I would run faster.   Or I would turn up my music or make sure he had a peppy song on.

 Rollerblading has been fun  but it is not the same as running.   I am trying to come to the realization that I should not run anymore. I know it is bad for my knees since I am already having knee problems.   I do have to say that the appeal of going to the gym has lessoned for me. I would rather go outside and ride my bike or rollerblade than go to the gym and do the elliptical.   So I have been focusing more on weights and getting toned.

 I am the type of person who needs a goal. Right now my goal is to learn to do pull-ups.   Having done mostly running and biking most of my strength is in my legs.   My arms have always been pretty weak and mushy.  Ha ha  but now my arms are changing. I  actually have muscles in my arms now that you can see!

 When I began trying to do pull-ups   I did it with 100 pounds of assistance. Which means I was not really pulling up much of my own bodyweight. The assistance was helping me lot.  Now I am down to 50 pounds of assistance.   I haven't quite been able to get beyond that.  On the weights that you pull down I can now pull down 90 to 110 pounds.  The trick is getting the weights down and I have to hang on the weights until I get them all the way down and then I can use my arms to do them.   On the pull back row weights I do around 80 pounds.   On the curl machine I am doing about 40 pounds.   The calf machine I can do 90 pounds. I avoid the other leg machines as they hurt my knees. Seeing as how I started most of these weight machines at around 20 pounds I have  come a long way!

 As far as food and nutrition goes Chris and I have really enjoyed the website Skinny Taste!  She makes very normal family friendly recipes but just shows you how to lighten them up a little bit with less calories.

 If anyone is actually interested my calorie goal is 1500 a day.  Most days I am right on that goal. Some days if I have been extremely active I might eat around 1600 a day.  I never say I am on an official diet.   It's not like I'm not allowed to eat a piece of cake or I have to stay away from carbs or I'm taking some kind of shake or supplement. I am just eating better foods and less of them. And exercising more.

 I am trying a new recipe tonight for a quinoa casserole. If it taste pretty good maybe I can post it on here.

 Well that is it for now!  Back to work ! :)

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