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Monday, December 13, 2010

"She's talking..."

I find it amusing how many people are commenting on how much Emma is talking lately. I never really noticed that Emma wasn't a big talker in public. In my opinion the poor little thing doesn't get much of a chance. When we go places Nathan tends to talk so much she barely can get in a word! Neither can I!

Several people have commented though about her talking more. She talks to me. She says a ton of funny things and she is very crude! We are trying to teach her manners and what is o.k. to talk should hear the things that come out of those cute little lips!

It's been fun in the last four or five months to watch Emma and Nathan play together more and more. He often drags her into playing something he has seen on TV. She on the other hands has a great imagination and often comes up with new and crazy scenarios whereas Nathan just repeats and reinacts the things he has already seen.

They play well but they fight well too! Emma knows how to annoy Nathan and Nathan....well he annoyes Emma by talking at her too much or trying to tell her about the Presidents for the 90th time!

I just hope that they will always stay friends. I hope Emma doesn't surpass Nathan too far socially and want nothing to do with him. I hope they both are happy and have fun memories and they love the Lord. I hope a lot of things for my kids.....I guess all parents do!


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