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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Emotion VRS Lack of Emotion

I know I said before that one of the hardest parts of Aspergers is how emotional Nathan can get over "silly" things or "small" things. But as upset as he can get over the fact I make him move over a little in the tub to wash his hair; he could care less if if he upsets you!

Nathan is floppy and clumsy and he runs into Emma, bumps her, steps on her, all the time! But even when she cries he barely looks at her much less says he is sorry or even feels bad.

Today during nap time Nathan destroyed an entire roll of wrapping paper he found in his closet. I wasn't that mad at first but I got more and more upset when I realized how much he just didn't care! He looked at me like I had lost my mind and with a "so what?" look on his face that is enough to drive you mad!

I asked him, "Don't you care you have done something that made mommy upset?"

He says, "Well, dad talked to me and I guess I do now."

He just doesn't get it and he doesn't really care. What a strange thing this Aspergers does to him! It makes him abnormal. While most people don't have to be taught to feel bad or feel a little sympathy for someone you have hurt or upset people with Aspergers really have to "learn" this. He just doesn't recognize other's feelings such as sadness or annoyance or impatience. I guess I should understand that and not let it upset me but it does!

So I pull him into a hug and he is all stiff and awkward and nearly headbutts me instead of hugging me. Then as if nothing happened he says, "Now can I watch tv?"


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