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Friday, June 1, 2012


Today Chris and I met  with a room full of people.  We met with the school psychologist, the occupational therapist, the physical therapist, and the principle.  And I say room full because it was a small room and with all these people plus us and the kids... the room was full! 

Anyways, we were there just about an hour.  The conclusion is this:

Nathan will no longer receive OT, Occupational Therapy, as he has mastered the skills he set out to achieve in OT.  He can color using more than one color and he no longer just scribbles.  He can use scissors without risking a finger.  His grasp has vastly improved.

Nathan will continue to receive PT to work on balance, endurance, and overall strength.  He will also try and learn to kick a rolling ball as his timing is still too off to appropriately do this. 

Nathan was receiving social skills classes one a month and this will get more intense and he will now receive these skill classes with the psychologist once every cycle which is once every six days.  It has been noted that he is still struggling to interact, react, and behave appropriately with his peers. 

Nathan will go to third grade for reading at what they call a higher tier.  He was at a low tier in third grade and will just go to a higher tier which is harder instead of going to fourth grade. 

They will continue to challenge him with extra work in first grade rather than move him forward a grade to 2nd.  This is being done because he is struggling so much socially. 

Overall we are satisfied with what has been laid out in the 504. 

I know this post has little flair it is more of a quick update for those interested!

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